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Jeep tours in israel

Important Note: all trails and maps are shown only as illustrations and should not be depended on or used for navigation.
Trails change, some pass through military areas or close to mine fields.
Get accurate, up to date information before every trip!

All-terrain vehicle trips (Jeeping):

Jeep Tours in Israel

All-terrain vehicle trips are given throughout the year and can be customized in order to create the optimum experience. Two trails are recommended for families with a wide range of ages. Call to create a customized experience that suits you.

Judean Plain: the trail includes visiting the forests around Jerusalem, taking a dip in the springs of the Judean Mountains, rappelling in the Luzit Caves, and exploring the caves where Bar Kochba once hid. In addition, the trail contains historical sites dating back to the Biblical Period. Duration: one day.

Piratzim Canyon: traveling in the Judean Desert combined with rappelling in the Mashash Canyon, swimming in the Dead Sea (separate beaches available), and all-terrain vehicle trips in the incredible Piratzim Canyon.

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