Nachal Rachaf – Rappelling in Israel

Nachal Rachaf - Rappelling in Israel

A beautiful canyon in the South Judean Desert that features two trails for rappelling in Israel. The long trail boasts nine 28-meter cliffs (91.8 fits) for rappelling.
In addition, there are water pools for some light swimming. Recommended season: May – August.

The trail starts at the Nahal Rahaf parking lot, which is located on the Dead Sea Road and you can stop for a moment to enjoy the magical view. Immediately afterward there is an increase that will lead us to a stop point at zero altitudes (sea level). From that point, you can look out over the mountains of Moab and the Dead Sea, which is 400 meters below this point.

Depending on the route chosen in advance with the advice of the authorized instructor, there will be a number of streams for abseiling and depending on the weather and the season it will be possible to decide whether to enjoy the natural pool.

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